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I'm a senior (UX/ UI) Product Designer, with a huge drive to design the future, and a thing for data-visualization, onboarding flows, and SaaS products. Over the past 10 years, I’ve been working remotely with design studios, SaaS companies, and tech start-ups.

My expertise lays in taking the lead in designing future-proof products, optimizing them, and scaling for growth; from product orientation to design handoff. Most often, I operate in small, dynamic teams - collaborating with product managers and developers.

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Tailored Money

Designing a strong UX and highly conversion optimized site from scratch.

Tailored Money Logo

The project

Tailored Money is an independent financial affiliate site that allows its customers with poor credit scores to apply for mortgages and business loans.

The objective of the project was to get the best possible user experience and optimise the site for conversions. Since there was no budget to conduct a primary, user, research I relied on secondary research to validate my design decisions.

Client / / Tailored Money – commissioned by Brinn Marketing

Services / / Brand identity, UI design & Development

Year / / 2017 (ongoing)

Tailored Money UI Design Overview

The challenges & outcome

To design an immaculate user experience, I kept three aspects in mind throughout all design stages; the emotional appeal, creating trust towards the user, and creating a clear value proposition.
By using relatable photography and excellent copy (provided by the copywriters) I was able draw on the emotional appeal persuasion method from the target audience. Furthermore, I attempt to create trust having an easy way of getting in touch, clear terms and conditions as well as showing verification of the business by the FOS, which acts as an authority.

Apart from the creating a layout of the landing pages that would bring the focus to conversion, the biggest challenge was laying in creating intuitive enquiry forms that would guide the user and create trust to answer the, often quite personal, questions regarding their financial situation. I decided that in this case trust was built through clarity and simplicity, this was translated into clear formulated questions spread over smaller bite-sized steps in the enquiry forms.

The site has performed extremely well, surpassing even the most optimistic expectations of the client. The average conversion rate ranges from 50% to 70%, depending on the traffic source, and the site-wide bounce rate is less than 5%.

We love the functional design of the site and the number of conversions are exceeding the expectations.



Tailored Money User Interface Design on Mobile

Tailored Money UI Design Overview
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