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I'm a senior (UX/ UI) Product Designer, with a huge drive to design the future, and a thing for data-visualization, onboarding flows, and SaaS products. Over the past 10 years, I’ve been working remotely with design studios, SaaS companies, and tech start-ups.

My expertise lays in taking the lead in designing future-proof products, optimizing them, and scaling for growth; from product orientation to design handoff. Most often, I operate in small, dynamic teams - collaborating with product managers and developers.

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SEB Bank

Crafting the next-level user experience of an internal web application for an international user group at one of Northern Europe’s largest banks.

SEB UX Personas
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The project

The goal of the project was to bring this outdated internal application into the modern age by significantly improving its user experience and interface.

As a contracted UX/UI designer, I was responsible for this project in its entirety, laying out and conducting the user research between a very diverse and international user group and redesigning the complex internal application based on the research findings.

Client / / SEB Bank

Services / / User research, UX & UI design

Year / / 2018

SEB UX/UI and User Research Reports

The challenges & outcome

The main challenge I faced in unifying the user research as the user group was spread internationally and differed strongly in terms of age range, experience, culture and attitude towards the project.

I solved this by setting KPI’s that were applicable to both teams and streamlining the user research and applying the same techniques with slightly different approaches. This resulted for example in carefully written interviews with questions formulated differently depending on cultural background, local company culture and age range of the interviewee.

Conducting the research was something I did by applying different techniques, mainly; one-on-one interviews, CTA (recorded) tasks of users, card sorting exercises and integrating other relevant (external) field studies. After analysing the collected data, I created three personas based on the findings to give the research outcomes a ‘face’ for the stakeholders while presenting the study in several offices.

After this stage I moved on to creating wireframes, which then evolved into high fidelity prototypes, all while continuously having users involved for feedback and testing through interviews and CTA tasks.

Once the final high-fidelity prototype was completed and converted to HTML/CSS for the development team, I created a highly detailed design handoff addressing each design element in a library, explaining functionalities of the system and its micro-interactions. To bring the project to a close I presented final product to stakeholders and user groups in Stockholm and Vilnius.

We have been over the moon with the work ethic and outcome of Don’s efforts on this complex project. He has been going the extra mile by conducting additional user research and presenting his research and designs on location in Stockholm and in Vilnius in order to ensure total clarity, comprehensive feedback and get to a product we’re all very proud of.



SEB Before and After User Interface

Bank Application UI Redesign
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