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I'm a senior (UX/ UI) Product Designer, with a huge drive to design the future, and a thing for data-visualization, onboarding flows, and SaaS products. Over the past 10 years, I’ve been working remotely with design studios, SaaS companies, and tech start-ups.

My expertise lays in taking the lead in designing future-proof products, optimizing them, and scaling for growth; from product orientation to design handoff. Most often, I operate in small, dynamic teams - collaborating with product managers and developers.

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Convious // Mobile first e-Commerce

Complete overhaul and ongoing optimisations for a multi-purpose checkout system from a user-centered design approach.

Convious Mobile eCommerce UI
Convious Logo

The project

Convious is the leading A.I. Driven SaaS platform that continuously improves the customer journey for the leisure industry through flawless UX and their proprietary artificial intelligence.

Over the span of nearly 18 months I worked on improving the e-commerce module that is Convious’ external-facing product. The goal was to add complexity by introducing several innovative user-flows based on new features and partner requirements. The work was data-driven and aimed to constantly improve the user experience while increasing conversion rates and keeping the complete module scalable at the same time.

Client / / Convious

Services / / User research, UX & UI design

Year / / 2019

Convious Mobile eCommerce User Interface Overview

The challenges & outcome

Together with product management and engineering I defined innovative solutions after which I collaborated with the research team on creating the right user researches and as the senior UX/UI designer I had the responsibility over the whole highly iterative design process; from creating initial ideas and sketches in brainstorm sessions to wireframes; it was a constant flow of quickly amending and fine-tuning visuals on new data insights and requirements in a data-driven environment.

The design stages led from user flows to wireframes and from high-fidelity prototypes to design hand-offs and libraries.

As we took the user-centred design approach my high-fidelity prototypes were used for the continuous usability testing. These tests ultimately brought the design process to its final stage; making production-ready deliverables, including design handoffs for development in order to kickstart development and start A/B testing the different design options. This resulted in amazing user experiences through clean and intuitive interfaces.

The final outcome was a brand new, minimalistic and clean design that covers all user-flows and every state within them through 52 screen layouts and over 100 UI components.
Meanwhile, conversions have been increasing steadily while the complexity and number user-flows have grown significantly.

Don has all it takes to evolve product specifications from initial sketches to production-ready deliverables. He is a highly-skilled, responsible, and creative UX/UI designer. I definitely recommend him.



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